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Internal Battery Reflection

Internal Battery Reflection

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Have you ever heard the phrase "what fills your cup?". I like this analogy, but I also really like the idea of having an internal battery. When you plug it in, what will charge that battery? What drains bars from it? 

Having an awareness of what impacts your energy levels is really helpful in order to recognise when we need to recharge. In turn, this will help to prevent or reduce burnout, low moods or emotional breakdowns. You can use this activity to reflect on experiences that might give you energy, recharge your battery, or drain it. 

Part of this activity is helping you to reflect on what habits you may be going back to when your battery has been drained. Over time, this may help you to become aware of unhealthy habits or coping mechanisms. On the opposite to this, is a "needs" section. This helps to understand what you actually may need in those battery-drained moments. You can choose to share this, particularly if you have a teenager, to understand and aid.

I am aware that socialising with friends drains a lot of my battery. Even though at the time, I really enjoy myself being around the right people, I know afterwards I will need to recharge with alone time. 


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