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Emotional Reflection Activity

Emotional Reflection Activity

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Children can use this activity to reflect on their emotions and increase their emotional intelligence. Being able to recognise and label our emotional experiences is an invaluable tool going into teenage and adulthood. It makes us feel more in control, thus being able to regulate our emotions easier. 

This printable links the bodily sensations to emotions, making children more aware of what emotion they may be feeling when they're tense, fluttery or warm. You can choose a body sensation, and notice on the body where this may feel.

On the second sheet there's a creative activity to let your child draw this feeling. There's no right or wrong answer and it lets them express themselves in a different way. 

Coping skills are a great example to help our children regulate their emotions. Although not always possible in the height of an emotional experience, they are great to reflect on to build up their awareness. 

Finally, this activity opens the conversation to talk about past experiences with this emotion and how they made us feel.


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