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Australia Map And Activities Bundle

Australia Map And Activities Bundle

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Discover the world with our countries collection, starting with Australia!

Match the animals to the right location on the map - either by colour matching, or matching the shape of the part of the map.

Included in your bundle is over 10 activity sheets

  • Best of (The tallest, fastest, longest in that country)
  • A recipe for children to help with or do independently 
  • Can you remember? spelling activity
  • Different languages and words
  • Distance and travel to get to that country
  • Colour in card 
  • Matching photos to illustrations of sights and landmarks
  • Facts card to match the animals to and find out more
  • Temperature and seasons
  • National flower drawing activity
  • Flag drawing activity

Designed with a trained specialist teacher in arts and music.


For use personal use only

Craftly printables must not be resold, redistributed or shared. 

Use our printables to laminate and draw on and rub off like a whiteboard, display as print on the wall or even use along with other educational resources on paper.

They're a great way to see which activities your children are ready for or grab their interest, to then buy a Craftly aluminium board version for longer use!

This printable is 12 x A4 size PDF documents


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