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Digraphs qu, sh, th, ch Matching Activity

Digraphs qu, sh, th, ch Matching Activity

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These are a set of digraphs to be introduced in phase 3 phonics. They all sound similar, hence being paired together to show the difference between each sound. Each picture has a matching sound to the board, see if you can find the right one! This activity is great for independent child learning or together with an adult. It will develop their word and letter recognition skills ready for reading and writing.

As an extra bonus activity, you could see if your child wants to spell the pictures afterwards if they have learned how to segment and blend (ch - i - ck).

Black and white and colour boards included


For use personal use only

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They're a great way to see which activities your children are ready for or grab their interest, to then buy a Craftly aluminium board version for longer use!

This printable is 3 x A4 size PDF documents


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